As we work our way through the holidays, it’s the time of year when many companies conduct year-end performance reviews. You sit down with your manager to discuss your performance and plan your goals for next year.

While you wait for your manager and gather peer feedback, why not conduct your own personal year-end review? Here are 10 great questions to get you started:

1-Thinking about my goals for this year, what were my greatest accomplishments; the ones I am most proud of?

2-What strengths did I use to attain these goals?

3-What actions did I take to achieve these goals?

4-What were my biggest challenges; what barriers prevented me from meeting my goals?

5-What have I learned?

6-What can I do differently?

7-What am I most grateful for?

8-Who are the people who supported me and how can I show my appreciation?

9-What would I like to be different in the upcoming year?

10-What one step can I take to get closer to my goals?

Reflecting on accomplishments and lessons learned helps us let go of the behaviors that hold us back and move forward using the strengths we’re most proud of. Answering these questions can help you plan for next year, both professionally and personally, by clarifying what worked, what didn’t, and what you learned.

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