In February, our thoughts often turn to love. We are bombarded (usually starting in January!) with media messages about love, sweethearts and relationships. And we think sharing the love includes the relationship you have with yourself; loving and treating yourself well!

A huge part of loving yourself is feeling confident; proud of who you are and what you do. Sometimes it’s difficult to talk about our achievements with pride but it’s a skill we should all master. So when someone asks you about your work or accomplishments, do you know how to answer in a way that makes you proud? Here are some tips to help you practice.

1-Learn to use “I” as well as “we”. We know that success at work is often a team effort and it’s important to give credit where due. But often we deflect and credit the team for a goal we’ve met. Learn to acknowledge and explain your part of the team’s success.

2-Lead with your most important points. Even if you’re talking about yourself in a casual and conversational manner, talk about the most important work achievements first. It will be easy to show your enthusiasm for the work you do and why you’re proud of it.

3-Be brief. Prepare a 1- to 2-sentence statement explaining what you’re proud of and why. Practice saying it so that your delivery is casual.

Learn and practice how to briefly explain what you do and why you like it. Let your enthusiasm show and be proud of yourself and what you’ve achieved. You’ll feel more confident each time you give it a try.

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