Team dynamics is something most of us have to consider in our work place. The dynamics shift as the goal of the team changes. The intended outcome of why the team has been put together is what drives the roles and behaviors of each member. How these roles and behaviors manifest in the group dynamic contributes to an overall positive or negative experience for all and determines whether the job gets done. What are ways we can help to create a positive team environment for all?

Be clear.

If you are tasked as the leader of the group be clear on what the purpose of the meeting or project is. Make sure members understand their roles and that this is safe place for all to share.

Bring in all members ideas and voices.

Ensuring everyone has an equal space and a voice at the table ensures that all ideas are being heard. Sometimes the quietest employee has the best unrealized idea because they don’t have the skills to speak over others. Both as a team leader and a member you can help to ensure this happens. Being mindful of how much you are talking or making sure everyone is contributing helps to create a safe environment for all to take risks with new ideas.


Don’t forget to share your own ideas! While you strive to keep the awareness around providing and supporting a safe space for all don’t let yourself get lost in the shuffle. If you are not heard the first time, say it again! Provide examples of how this has worked in the past or situations where it has benefited.

Early Support.

If you are planning a presentation on a topic or new idea to bring to the company and might be nervous about how the team receives the information. Pilot the idea to other members before the meeting and garner support beforehand so you have active interested members on the team who will be engaged with your presentation.

No matter your role you can play an intricate part in the team process to make sure everyone has a valuable experience and are able to reach the goal together.

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