It’s already July, where has the time gone? Many of us are getting ready to get out of town for a little while and soak up some sun. Go, relax, you deserve it! Even though you may be sight seeing and taking time off, it is very important to take advantage of great networking opportunities even while out of town and here are some great tips how! Ariella Coombs from mentions these three great ways to network on your next vacation.

1. Have your business cards with you at all time. You never know where your next connection, client or career break could appear. Maybe it’s in a conference room, but maybe it’s on a beach in San Diego. That is why it is so important to carry your business cards at all time.

2. Plan a family vacation. If you are planning on relocating or if you need clients in Saratoga, NY plan a fun trip there! You get to have quality time with family and scope out the local area. You can see if this is really where you want to work or you can meet potential clients in person rather than over the phone or Skype.

3. Lastly, while you are laying out on the beach or pool, take a few minutes each day to network online. Linkedin is such a great tool to get your name out there, and to get your resume exposed to different professionals. Look for hiring managers for companies you would love to work with or for and connect with them. There is no harm in introducing yourself and hey, you can do it all while enjoying some sunshine!

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