We all know the feeling of being so stressed that when you leave work you bring that negative energy home with you. Here are some great tips to make sure that your stress does not take over your life!

1. Keep an eye on what you are eating throughout the day. Make sure you are consuming whole, unprocessed foods that contain the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that your body needs to function it’s best.

2. Make sure you are getting a good amount of sleep. Ideally,you want 6.5- 8 hours of sleep a night. That is when your body will function at its best!

3. Water! Drink lots and lots of it. It benefits your body in so many ways! I find it best to keep a water bottle at your desk that stays there throughout the week. I know I use to bring it home with me but then when you forget it, you are less likely to get more during the workday.

4. Make sure each day you do something that makes YOU happy. It could be watching cat videos online with a coworker, buying flowers or walking around the block at lunch. Which leads me into my next tip!

5. Make sure you are active for 30 minuets each day. Whether it be running, walking, jogging, lifting weights, running with your dog or playing catch with your kids – just do something!

6. Lastly, and I have mentioned this before in blog posts – be grateful! Each morning list a thing or two that you are grateful for and that makes you smile when you look at it. It could be that cup of coffee you had this morning, your kids or the job opportunity that is coming your way!

It is so important to make sure you take care of yourself both mentally and physically! Work can get stressful, it gets that way with everyone, but how you deal with it is key. With the right attitude, getting that promotion, landing that new job or just getting through the workday with a smile is totally doable!

Now go enjoy some fresh air and come back and hit the ground running!

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