We are all pretty lucky to be able to live or work in the Bay Area. I mean, it’s gorgeous all year round, does it get any better?! Aside from the weather though, there are numerous other things that make this area so unique and special.

1. We are surrounded by the go getters, the shakers and the movers. The Bay Area houses so many bright people who want to make a difference in the world. Whether it be an app that let’s us stay connected to family and friends, we are looking at you Facebook or an app that makes sure you have a ride home from work. It really is refreshing to say the least to be engulfed in this movement.

2. With all of the startups come new jobs. Working at a startup is great because you get to get your hands into a little bit of everything. What better way to gain experience and exposure to different departments and tasks? Plus, being at a company from the beginning and watching it grow and be successful is such a rewarding experience.

3. If you love animals you can work at the zoo. If you love science you can work at NASA. If you love education you can work at Stanford. Are you catching on here? The Bay Area has so many different paths you can chose from. There is a job and a career path for everyone here!

4. Lastly, we are in such a great location to get out there and be active. You and your company can have a team bonding trip to the beach, your choose of ballparks, the mountains and everything in between. And the best part you may ask? You don’t even have to travel far!

We love hearing why you love working in the Bay Area, let us know below!


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