You want to land your dream job but getting to that point can be very intimidating. We want to share 6 easy steps that will have you walking into your interview with confidence!

Many employers find it shocking how unprepared many interviewees are. Most know “Interviewing 101” is to be well prepared and yet so many are not. You should never walk into an interview without exhaustive preparation. You do not want to sound scripted. It’s important to sound genuine! Read on to learn some basics on how to properly prepare yourself when interviewing for your next dream position.

Step 1: Learn all you can about the role and the company

This may seem like common sense but you would be surprised as to how many people neglect this simple step. When offered the interview, ask for the name and title of the interviewer(s).  Look them up on LinkedIn and the company website to learn more about them.  Even if you already read up on the company when crafting your resume, it is best to refresh your memory or even dig deeper into researching the company.  Press releases are an awesome way to see what is happening in the company and how they interact with the community.

It is huge to have a solid idea of the job description for the role. This is your time to ask questions to you know! So take a good look at what you might be doing and make sure you ask any questions about the role you may have.

Step 2: Dress to impress

A few days before the interview pick out your outfit. Even in this culture of casual attire it is best to be OVER dressed! This shows that you can present yourself well and you put ample thought and effort into this interview, and they will love that!

Step 3: Eat a healthy breakfast

The morning of the interview, eat a good breakfast.  If your interview is in the afternoon, follow that good breakfast with a lunch full of brain food.  Avoid foods that are high in sugar that will lead to an inevitable crash halfway through the interview. Don’t skip your meals either.  There is nothing more distracting than a growling stomach and you may be in an interview for 4 hours at a time!

Step 4: Get pumped!

Read inspirational or motivational quotes to help boost your confidence, Pinterest is great for this!  Listen to music that excites you on your ride to the interview.  Sing aloud if that helps control your nerves.  You can do this!

Step 5: Be on time

Make sure you leave early enough to take account for traffic or accidents. It’s best to show up a little early incase you have to check in. This is your first impression so make it a strong one!

Step 6: Take a deep breath and smile

As you are walking into the interview, don’t forget to breathe. This may seem like the simplest step but it will bring you into this interview calm and collected!



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