It cost thousands of dollars to recruit, hire and train your new team members.  This does not include any revenue you may have lost while you the role was vacant. Everyone wants the best of the best and they will pay for it. The first 3 months of a new job is make or break time. To fully engage and retain the new hires, you need a rock star on-boarding process!

The process begins with the application and interview process.  This is the critical first impression to the candidate. The candidate will be looking for two things off the bat; ease of the application and how well the company adheres to timelines. You need to make sure you can do both!

As soon as a candidate accepts an offer and becomes a new hire it is time to pre-board them.  Pre-boarding is a process that starts weeks before the candidates first day, something many people forget.

Check out these great examples of the perfect pre-boarding materials:

  • Create a personalized welcome video including a quick office and/or department tour. Have colleagues welcome the new team member. This doesn’t need to be movie production quality but it’s the thought that counts!
  • If your new employee is going to need to relocate, make sure you put together a package welcoming them to the area. It’s great to include real estate agents, moving company information and any other relevant resources that will make this a smoother transition.
  • Engage them on social media through the organization’s employee page. Posting a welcome Facebook post will be one way to get them excited for their first day! It will also keep other employees in the loop so they can prepare as well.
  • Send all paperwork prior to day one. Both you and your new hire are excited to jump feet first into the work on day one. This is a great way to speed up any paper work and make sure that happens.

Making a new hire feel welcome during this time will help ease with the transition



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