The final step in accepting a job offer is submitting your letter of resignation.  This can be the scariest part of the entire process.

Before you begin drafting the resignation letter, it is best to confirm the details of the new opportunity.  You should always have a signed offer or employment contract in hand before submitting your resignation. You never want to burn any bridges! Also devise a plan for transitioning your work to other members of your team. Make sure everything you need to get done does before you leave.

Try to tie up as many loose ends as possible before your last day.  If you are unable to completely clear your desk, leave clear notes as to your progress and the next steps for the person who takes over your workload. Creating workflow processes with screen shots to guide someone through various tasks are always a great idea.

Be ready to handle some pretty heavy questions that may be thrown at you. You need to be mentally prepared for anything that could happen.

The most important thing to do during this time is to remain positive. Circumstances are always changing and you never know whose path you will cross in the future. Leaving your reputation intact is the best career move you can make.

When you have leave the building for the last time, take a deep breath and mentally prepare for the next chapter in your career. You did it!

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