The most important thing you can do for your company and the new hire is to make an amazing first impression when they walk through your doors on day one. They need to really believe that they made the right choice by working for your company!

Here are 5 great tips to make sure you and your new hire have a great first day:

Step 1 – Set a schedule for the day.  The schedule should include goals and/or milestones for the first 90 days.  Include daily check-ins. Have important reminders and meetings preloaded onto the new hire’s online calendar.

Step 2 – Forward their welcome package  The welcome packet should include when, where and what time to arrive on the first day, parking information and pass if needed, and who to report to upon arrival.  It is nice to include office dress code with either written or pictorial descriptions. If you plan on taking your new hire out for lunch, or have special plans make sure you let them know so they can plan accordingly!

Step 3 – Make their desk welcoming.  This includes a working computer, phone and any other essential items such as pens, paper, stapler, etc. It’s always great to leave a card or another welcome aboard token at their desk. Remember, this first day sets the tone so always go the extra mile!

Step 4 – Make sure they know who to go to with questions. This person will serve as a guide in addition to the direct manager and colleagues.  Nothing is worse than being new and not having a clear idea on who you can turn to. Having this step will help all parties involved in the long run.

Step 5 – Introduce them to the team.  When a new hire leaves their previous organization, they leave their “work family”.  Help them foster relationships with their new colleagues by scheduling lunches with different groups for the first week or two.  Walk them around the office the first day and introduce them to the team. If you know your new hire loves a certain baseball team, make note to introduce them to someone who likes that team. It’s so important to help foster relationships anyway possible.


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