This is part three of a three part series discussing the job interview process and how to make a positive impact during the interview.

Video interviewing has become very popular. It allows a company to interview candidates no matter where the person resides geographically.  It is not necessary to be camera shy!


There are many modalities that allow video interviewing.  Some of these allow recording your interview at anywhere and anytime.  Be sure to become familiar with the system that is being used such as FaceTime, Google Hangouts, or Skype.


If the candidate is not living locally for a company, video interviews have become the interview choice for companies.  Telephone interviews were quickly replaced by the video interviews.  Competition for a job position can now involve anyone living anywhere in the world.  It is very convenient for candidates to apply for positions without taking time off from work or the possible cost of travel to an interview.  It will often take several video interviews before a candidate is offered a position.


If the video interview is recorded, several key members of the hiring team can view the recording at any time.  This allows you to be evaluated by many decision makers at any time and possibly considered for other appropriate job openings.


A substantial advantage to video interviewing is that interviewer bias can be almost completely eliminated.  If the company utilizes a service, the questions are loaded into the system.  Thusly every applicant is given the same questions and the same amount to complete the answers.


Preparation for video interviewing is essential and several tips are provided:


  • Remember that this is a job interview, so dress appropriately from the waist up. Be sure there is no mirror behind you at the time.
  • Locate a quiet place to record and if possible check the volume control on your equipment.
  • Check your environment for adequate lighting and a neutral background.
  • Sit in a comfortable chair and be sure to smile.
  • Be sure to look at the camera during the entire time of the interview.
  • Have a practice rehearsal. Pretend you are participating in a regular interview.  Record yourself to evaluate the naturalness of your responses.  Sincerity and professionalism is essential.


As with a face-to-face interview, a thank you note is essential. It is also important to establish that your recorded video interview was received.


Distance no longer limits your ability to apply for job openings.  Video interviewing now allows you new opportunities.  Stress can be reduced by applying the suggested tips.  It is important to   become comfortable in these new technological circumstances.





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