Over the last several years, the typical office environment has become much more relaxed. However, there are still some basic rules of office etiquette that we should keep in mind. The first one we will focus on today is cell phone and tablet etiquette.

For years we have been programmed to believe the myth that multitasking makes us more productive and efficient. Yet realistically, by dividing our attention we compromise the quality of our work, as well as interpersonal interactions. We also risk spending more time than necessary attempting to complete our tasks. In a meeting, if you pay attention to the people around you, you may notice a few of them looking down and checking their email or social media accounts. This is not only disrespectful to the person speaking, but the user’s focus is split between the presenter and the devise. That person may only pick up a fraction of what was actually discussed in the meeting. Unless absolutely necessary, make it a known policy that cell phones, tablets, computers, etc. are not allowed in any company meetings. You will set an example by following this rule yourself along with showing your respect and interest towards the speaker and their presentation. Remember, multi-tasking is a myth and if you are focusing on your phone or tablet you are sending a message to your presenter that “you don’t care.”

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