You can tell when you’re around confident people. Not the ones who project fake confidence because they are feeling insecure, but the people with true confidence who inspire those around them and know how to get things done. They develop habits to become confident and work on them every single day. You can, too. Below are some tips to get you started.

Speak with Certainty. Try not to use phrases like “Um” or “I think”. When you speak with certainty and present your ideas with conviction, your audience will pay attention.

Look for Small Victories. Challenge yourself, even if the goal is a small one. Meeting small but achievable goals boosts your confidence.

Exercise. Studies show that people who exercise feel more socially, academically, and physically competent. Exercise provides endorphin-fueled positivity that helps increase confidence and self-esteem.

Practice these habits to build confidence in yourself. Next week, we’ll have more ideas to inspire you.

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