We all know the connection between exercise and mood, but did you know that those who get up and move around, even for a short time, are more likely immediately happier?

 Studies have long shown the benefits of movement and exercise. Most studies, though, have asked participants to remember how much they had moved and how they were feeling in the previous week or month. A recent study tracked mood and movement on an hour-by-hour basis and suggested that those who were moving, were happier.

Researchers used an app and asked participants to map out their emotions on a graph. They were later questioned about their recent movement (running, walking, sitting, etc.), how they felt about their day, and their current mood. The results showed that “the frequency with which people physically move throughout the day, even if that movement is not rigorous exercise, is associated with both physical health and happiness”, according to the study’s authors. They also found that participants who had been moving in the previous 15 minutes were happier than those who had been sitting or lying down.

So it makes sense to find a way to remind yourself to get up from your desk every so often. Try to stand, stretch, walk around a bit, get outside if possible. Even if you can’t get out of the office for a lunch-hour run, just moving a little throughout the day can help you feel happier.

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