We’ve all heard it. When you go on a job interview, you’re interviewing the company just as much as they are interviewing you. You might think it’s hogwash but you can get some valuable information by asking the following questions during your interview. Then consider the answers to see if the job is a fit for you.

What is missing from your team that you wish you had?  This question helps you understand what the manager and peers want from this position. You’ll learn what skill sets might be missing or where the previous employee ran into problems. Ask yourself: Do I have these skills and do I enjoy using them?

Why would a customer choose your competition over you? This answer gives you an idea of how the company sees themselves. Are they aware of how their competition is beating them? Ask yourself: Can I help them and does it interest me?

What is the biggest challenge a person in this position faces? Here is your chance to find out where the last person in this job struggled. Listen for where he or she ran into red tape, had friction with other teams, or lacked key skills. This answer may also tell you what problem you are being hired to solve. Ask yourself: Would I have similar hurdles and how have I been successful in the past?

What does success look like in this position? This question helps you learn how the manager defines success for this role. What does outstanding performance look like? What qualities does the successful candidate have? Ask yourself: Do I have these qualities and how have they made me successful in the past?

These questions give you greater insight into the job, the company, and the people you’d be working with. You’ll show the hiring team that you’ve made the extra effort to understand how their needs match your skills. It shows you’re ready to get to work.

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