The sun is shining. Everything is tweeting. Spring is here. The perfect time to air out the house, clean the garage, and put away your winter clothes. While you’re at it, why not clean up and update your job-search tools? You may not be actively looking for a new job but it never hurts to be prepared.

Update your resume. Make sure it contains your current position and includes promotions, accomplishments and any new responsibilities you’ve acquired. Clean it up so that if you had to hand it to a recruiter tomorrow, you’d be satisfied. Update as needed on job sites such as LinkedIn, CareerBuilder or Indeed.

Review your LinkedIn profile. Make sure it’s complete. Using relevant keywords, getting recommendations, and joining groups all help to increase your ranking in search results. Update your headline so that it highlights your best experience. Also, take a look at your picture and make sure it’s showing you in your best light. Use a photo where you are dressed appropriately (as if you’re going to an interview) and one that reflects what you want to project about yourself.

Watch your language. Make sure the language you use in any social media is appropriate and professional. Wherever recruiters look for you on line, they should find a polished professional. Someone who looks and sounds confident and experienced. Someone they’d want on their team.

Stay current and connected. Even if you feel like you could do your job blind-folded, it’s always a good idea to stay current in your industry. Read professional publications for news and trends and consider renewing your membership to professional organizations. Give your network a good airing out. Identify ways you could connect with colleagues and learn something new.

So while you’re tackling the seasonal cleanup, make sure your resume, connections, and on-line presence get a good polishing, too. Often the best time to dust off and update your career tools is when you don’t need them. And just in case that dream job turns up, you’ll be ready.

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