The American work culture tends to favor extroverts (people who get energy through interacting with others). We encourage teamwork and constant communication. Even our work environments can be a tough place for more introverted employees (those who gain energy through reflecting) with open floor plans and lots of interaction. If you are a more introverted person, these three workplace tweaks may help.

Find your balance. We all want to find that certain spot where our energy flows; where there is a balance between being too bored and too excited. Since introverts tend to be more sensitive to sounds, certain lighting, and lots of people, the trick is to figure out what works best for you at home (where you control your environment), and then try to recreate it at work. You may need the quiet environment of a conference room to finish a project or more time by yourself to focus on your work. Create an environment where you feel both calm and energized while you work.

Take a break. Introverts need quiet time to rebalance themselves. Without it, their energy drains and their work suffers. If this speaks to you, be sure to take breaks and schedule enough down time for yourself in order to regain your energy and balance.

Take time to plan. People who are more introverted do a lot of processing inside their heads before sharing with others. If you are often in a work situation where you need to “think on your feet”, balance those times with opportunities to do some long-term thinking and planning. At work you may be required to process your thoughts quickly and out loud but you can also enjoy some time to do more “internal work”.

You may not be able to entirely rearrange your workplace but these three small changes may help you thrive right where you are. Although they are especially helpful for those who are more introverted, these balancing tips could be useful to everyone in the workplace.

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