It’s always a good idea to keep track of your accomplishments at work, whether you are in a job you love or are actively looking for a new one. Unless you have an air-tight memory, you’ll forget many of the great things you accomplished in your position. These can be results, both big and small; ones you’ve been recognized for and others that were valuable to your department or company but under the recognition radar.

You were given the responsibility to train new hires because you are a quick learner? Make a note of it. You exceeded your goals for all four quarters last year? Write it down somewhere and include details. Because you’re viewed as highly responsible, you were given the keys to the office even though you’re practically a newbie? Make sure you remember this and other details in some way. Write them down on paper, put them on your phone, or use whatever way is best for you. Don’t leave it up to memory to come up with details and examples of your accomplishments when you need them most. You won’t remember everything and the details from even a few months ago can be foggy.

Whether it’s recognition from your boss, a customer, or a co-worker, take a moment to make a note of what you did well. The next time you need to update your resume or ask for a raise, the process of gathering your information will be a lot easier.

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