Landing your next job or promotion is more than a matter of including all the right buzzwords on your resume. The buzzwords might help get your resume an initial look but there are certain skills that employers say will help you get the interview and, maybe, the job. They are strengths and attributes that go beyond the job qualifications and being prepared to show how you possess them (with examples) will make your interview memorable.

When preparing for your interview, find examples from past experience (both work-related and personal) that highlight your strengths in these areas:

Resourcefulness: can figure out a way to get things done, even when you’ve never been shown?

Problem Solving: self-explanatory, and your examples don’t have to be “world affairs-size” problems. Can you demonstrate your ability and willingness to step up and solve a problem?

Flexibility: the work world (and real world!) changes often. How do you stay nimble?

Self-Direction: are you self-motivated? Can you organize your time and figure out what you need to get done without being told? Can you work on your own?


Collaboration: can you show how you work well on a team and communicate clearly?

Ability to Make Decisions: within reason, what decisions have you made and what were the results? Again, these don’t have to be big and complicated, but can you give an example that demonstrates this skill?

Include these abilities when you prepare for your next job interview. You will present yourself as a well-rounded candidate with strengths and experience that go beyond the job description.

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