As the days get shorter and the sun sets earlier, it starts to feel like we’re spending more time in the dark. Daylight Savings Time ends soon (set your clocks back on Nov. 5) and it’s a good time to bring some light and warmth to our work space. Brighten things up with these 5 easy ideas.

Lighting: Instead of using only the standard fluorescent lighting of most office buildings, bring in a floor lamp for up-lighting, a table lamp for a warm glow, or small desk lamp for task lighting. Or a combination of the three as space allows.

Inbox: Have a single spot for all action items. If nothing else clears your mental and physical space, this one simple idea will do the trick. You’ll get rid of the clutter and create an organized place to develop all those great ideas.

Citrus Scent: Bring in lemon, orange, and grapefruit scents to brighten your space. If you work in an open floor plan, spritz a diluted mixture very lightly around your desk.

Art: Hang or place artwork that makes you feel good and elevates your space. Small, framed pictures, paintings, or prints provide warmth and inspiration.

Greenery: In addition to clearing the air, indoor plants may promote creativity. Small plants fit in almost every workspace and some require only minimal water and sunlight.

Try some or all of these quick and simple ideas to perk up your work area. They don’t take a lot of effort and can work within any type of space and budget.

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