Last week we shared some tips for writing better email, so that it’s easier for your recipients to answer you, and more likely that they will. Here are 4 more tips to try:

1-Make it mobile-friendly. Consider the device your recipient may be using to read your email. Instead of sending a lengthy, multi-paragraph note, use short bullet points in case they use their phone to read email on the commute home.

2-Try to connect right away with a new acquaintance. If you just met someone at an event or conference, send a brief note within 24 hours, while it’s still fresh in everyone’s mind. You don’t need to request anything; just a quick “nice to meet you” note is fine.

3-Even your sign-off can help. According to a study done by a data scientist, closing with the wording “Thanks”, “Thanks in advance”, or “Thank you” all got a higher response rate than “Best” or “Regards”. Something to keep in mind.

4-Remember to practice patience. Wait at least 48 hours before sending a follow-up note. If there is still no response, try a phone call, just in case your email ended up in their spam folder. If you still don’t hear anything back, move on. Sometimes, it’s just a matter of timing and you don’t want to pester a person who may not be free and available right now. Instead, use these tips to email your other connections and see what happens.

We’re all busy at work. Assume that others want to respond to your email, just as you would to theirs. Then make it easy for them to do so.

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