Starting a new job is exciting. New people to meet, a new environment, and challenges. But like those old first-day-of-school jitters, starting something new can also bring anxiety. Sometimes all it takes to feel more relaxed is a little planning and preparation. Take your pick from the ideas below, or try them all.

1-Take time off. If possible, try to schedule some time off between your old position and new one. Whether it’s a long weekend or a full week, use the time to rest and recharge. Not only is the mental break good for you, but the extra time allows you to catch up on anything that might be ignored when you start your new schedule.

2-Know what you’ll need on Day 1. You’ll probably have some type of company orientation or on-boarding, but be sure you’ve received any office communication or documents you’ll need before your first day. Make sure you know what time you should arrive and any items you should bring.

3-Plan the commute. This is especially helpful in the Bay Area, where figuring out traffic and commute times is practically a science. Know what mode of transportation you’ll use and how long it will take. A practice run is also helpful, just to work out any travel kinks.

4-Freshen up your skills. It’s always a good idea, whether this is your first position or your tenth, to polish up the skillset that got you hired. If any of the skills required in your new position are a bit rusty, take some time to practice or re-familiarize yourself. Also, read up on industry news to stay current.

5-Get there early. It’s important to be timely on every workday but even more so on your first day. Give yourself an extra cushion of time (for the inevitable traffic snarl, or a BART delay) so that you arrive in a calm state of mind and have time to find your meeting location or desk.

Follow these tips to have a great first day in your new position. You’ll be calm, ready to meet new people and soak up tons of information. You’ll also make a great first impression!

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