For many of us, working at a company means working on a team. Unless you work for yourself, and even then, rarely does anything get accomplished by one person. Whether you’re a member of the team or lead one, there are 3 characteristics that successful teams possess. These clear and simple attributes were identified by Douglas Conant of ConantLeadership. While many factors contribute to great teams, Mr. Conant’s experience suggests that these are the top 3.

1-Competence: Do the team members perform in their specific area of responsibility? When you see a successful team, it is made up of highly capable and motivated individuals with the right skills to do the job.

2-Character: It’s one thing to know how to do your job; it’s another to do it in a way that benefits the team and builds trust. Do team members have integrity? Can they be counted on to do what they say they’ll do? Can they count on each other over and over again? That’s how trust is built. (And this includes the team leader.)

3-Chemistry: Just as in all great relationships, chemistry is hard to define. We know it when we see it. Do the team members’ skills complement each other? Do individuals really care about one another as people, not just co-workers? Putting together a team with good chemistry is often trial and error but, according to Mr. Conant, well worth the effort.

How does your team measure up? Do they have the Competence, Character, and Chemistry to be an effective team? What can you contribute to elevate your team to an even higher level of success?

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