We want you to land your dream job as much as you do! We love getting to know all of our candidates every single day. When we help find you a new “home” we are so excited! So naturally, we love sharing tips with you to help you become the best candidate that you can be. We all know that interviews can be scary, intimidating and overwhelming. But they do not have to be! Remember, it is a two way street. They need to be impressed by you but you equally need to be “sold” on the company as well. Here are some tips that will help you rock any interview!

1) Prepare, prepare, prepare! When I say prepare I mean this in every sense. Prepare your professional outfit and have it ready to go the evening before. Make sure you have your most updated resume printed, and I suggest bringing extra since you never know who may pop into the interview. It is huge to prepare at least three questions to ask and to make sure you have researched the company and know some of their background. If a company asks you in the interview tell us something about our business and you don’t know…well you might as well pack your bags now because they will not like that at all. Even if you just say “Company X has been around for 50 years and is a leader in the X industry” it shows you took the time to do some research. You can find some great information on the “About Us” tab on the companies’ website.

2) It is always a good idea to read a companies’ blog or see if you find any of their press releases. This will help you see what is happening currently with the company and makes for a great conversation starter during your interview. This will also give you a lot of helpful insight into what the company culture is like and what the company does to give back to the community.

3) Don’t make any rash decision! Maybe you have been unemployed for a few months now and you are in a crunch. You land a job and you are on the fence about it but you take it anyway. Often times these roles never last. Make sure to follow your gut. Everything will always work out and sometimes that means waiting a little longer to land your dream job but it will be worth it in the end. You will have a job you love, and you wont have to settle.

4) When you get to your interview make sure you are early and it is so important to greet and be respectful to the receptionist or front desk worker. If you are rude to them, they will tell the hiring managers and that will work against you. First impressions are everything.

5) Lastly, after the interview take some time to write a thank you note or thank you email and send it to whoever you met with. Call us old fashion but sometimes if a company is debating between you and another candidate and you do this, it can be the deal breaker. This shows you have great follow through, are respectful and you value peoples time.

As long as you are well prepared, confident and walk in with a smile you can rock any interview and land the job of your dreams!

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