Everyone gets out of balance once in a while. There are so many things going on in our professional and personal life that we can blame for this. Let’s face it, we are all humans. If you unable to bounce back from this shift the imbalance in your life can snowball and become very difficult to manage. Let’s take a deeper look to see if you are suffering from work/life imbalance.

In the last post we discussed the negative effects of work/life imbalance. All can be reversed if one achieves and maintains a balance between work and life. The key here is addressing and accepting the fact you are out of balance. Most of the time, that is easier said than done!

Recovery from work/life imbalance is not possible in one to two weeks. Work/life imbalance develops slowly over months, weeks and even years. It can come on suddenly with the drop of a hat. Home life changes such a new child or ailing parent can also cause a sudden shift as well.

There are numerous symptoms of work/life imbalance but below are a few of the more common ones:

1. Relationship strain  –  Are your family and friends fighting for your attention? If they are always saying they rarely see you, work/life imbalance may be to blame.

2. Sleep disturbances –  More commonly we think insomnia, where a person is not sleeping enough. This also includes hypersomnia, where a person is sleeping too much.

3. Weight change –  If you are noticing that you are losing more weight than you wish, this may be attributed to skipping meals or drinking too much caffeine to get you through the day. As for weight gain, this may be due to eating out of nerves or an increasingly sedentary lifestyle.

4. Mental fog – If you are always feeling like you are forgetting something or missing something this is a sign your brain needs a break! I hear a nice tropical vacation calling your name! Remember, it is okay and crucial for you to create “me” time in your life.

If you can relate to any of these symptoms, make sure you take a hard look at your life. See where in your life you can give yourself a little break. You can get your balance back!


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