An interview is a two-way street.  This is the time for the company to get to know you but it is also a great way for you to learn more about them. The best way to do this is asking strong question during the interview. Candidates who leave a great impression come to the interview with more than thoughtful responses.  They also bring questions of their own for the hiring manager.  These questions can make all the difference.

What qualities to top performers posses?  This is the candidate version of the classic strengths and weaknesses question, minus the weakness.  Omitting any aspect of negativity reference conveys a positive attitude.  It also shows that you want to identify with top talent.

What does success in this position look like to you?  This is a great follow-up to the first question.  Traits can be different than expectations, especially if the position is new within the company.  It is hard to determine if the position is right for you without this information.

What opportunities exist for professional development?  Intellectual curiosity is a trait that hiring managers look for in candidates.  This question shows you want to soak up everything you can and are open to get your hands dirty doing a variety of tasks.

What have you seen in other candidates that you haven’t seen in me? This question will fulfill two purposes.  The first is that it shows confidence and awareness that you are not the only one in the running for the position.  This achieves the second purpose of leaving an impression.  Beware, you might not get the answer you hoped for, but it is guaranteed to give you honest feedback. If anything, you can soak it in and learn from this answer.

I am very excited about this position.  What are the next steps?  Just because you agreed to the interview, does not mean that you are interested in the position.  You need to basically ask for the job. Make sure you leave knowing what to expect moving forward.


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